Best Month to Go to Cancun

What is best month to go to Cancun

October is a wet month, but it’s usually drier than other months. The rainy season and hurricane season are about to end, so regular downpours will diminish. You can still enjoy the tropical sun, but expect the beach to be crowded. For a more tropical experience, visit Cancun in January, February, or May. These months are the best for families and couples looking to spend some time on the beach, but there are still some factors to consider when planning your trip.


When is the best time to go to Cancun? It varies depending on the destination. The summer months are extremely hot and humid. The rainy season, from June to mid-September, is also the wettest. But the beach areas are still packed with domestic visitors during the summer holidays. The rainy season is also the lowest point for international tourists in Cancun. If you want to avoid crowds, September and October are the best months to visit.

The water temperature remains around 26 degrees, which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Temperatures are lower than during January, but visibility is still excellent. This month is also a good time to visit the area because it is the second-dryest month. The humidity increases a bit in February, but it is still very pleasant. The days are warm and the nights cool down. The weather in Cancun is ideal for sightseeing. Despite the high temperatures, there are few crowds and prices remain reasonable. However, March is the start of spring-break in the United States. American students flock to Cancun’s Hotel Zone for the endless parties.


While you may think that January is the best time to go to Cancun, February has a few advantages. Not only is the weather nice, but temperatures are also moderate, making it the ideal month for water sports. Also, February is not the holiday season, so you won’t find massive crowds in the Caribbean. And because February is still a little cooler than January, it’s not as hot as it can be in July.

Cancun’s tropical climate makes it an ideal winter sun destination. Temperatures stay relatively consistent at around 23degC, with the lowest temperature in February dropping to just 21degC. The city receives 46mm of rain during this month, but rarely falls below seventy degrees. You can expect nine hours of sunshine every day. This is perfect for hiking and exploring the Mayan ruins, which are often packed with afro-Cuban villagers.


If you are planning a family vacation to Cancun, then the month of May is a good option. The weather in this Mexican vacation destination is pleasant all year, but is particularly pleasant from December to April. Hotel rates are much lower during this time of the year, and the beaches and attractions are less crowded. Also, the water temperature is warm enough for swimming and snorkeling. During May, you can even see sea turtles and whale sharks!

The shoulder months of May and November offer some of the quietest travel to Cancun, and are ideal for secluded getaways. You can visit the jungle-cloaked ruins of the ancient Maya, and avoid crowds. The weather is also perfect for swimming and exploring the area’s many adventures parks and eco-attractions. If you’d rather avoid the blazing summer heat, the rainy season is the best choice. If you’re worried about crowds, you can opt for a spring break trip instead.


While you can visit Cancun in any month, June is arguably the best month to visit. The weather is perfect all year round, but the seaweed grows more abundantly during June and May. Early mornings and evenings are the best times to find patches, but if you want to enjoy the beach without being bothered by seaweed, June and July are the months to visit. In addition to cleaner beaches, July is also the best month to go whale shark-watching in Cancun.

June to mid-July is the most popular time to visit Cancun. You can still enjoy the hottest nightclubs, but be prepared to wait in long lines. If you want to visit multiple bars in one night, take advantage of a bar hopping tour. This way, you’ll get to try out different nightlife options. Also, June is the best time to see whale sharks and sea turtles!


The temperatures in Cancun are perfect for diving, snorkeling and swimming during the months of October and August. Unlike other months of the year, the sea temperatures in Cancun are mild enough to make them ideal for these activities. However, due to high humidity, it’s not as pleasant as in July and August. There are fewer hours of daylight, but the UV levels are still high. You’ll want to avoid the hottest days of October.

As October is the lull season between the busy seasons, it is the least crowded. You can get great flight deals and hotel deals and still enjoy the beach and its many attractions without the crowds. October is also the rainiest month, so pack a raincoat just in case you do get soaked. The tropical rains, however, thin out toward the end of the month and there are no multiple days of rain during this time.


If you are looking for a month in which the weather is perfect for swimming and lounging by the beach, November is the month for you. While it is still hurricane season, November is outside of it. November temperatures in Cancun are 78-84 degrees Fahrenheit (27-29 degrees Celsius). During the day, the temperature usually rises to a comfortable 84 degrees Fahrenheit. By nighttime, the temperature is cooler at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees C), and the humidity level is lower than during the day.

Hurricane Season in Cancun occurs between June and November. The months with the greatest risk of hurricanes are September and October. On average, Cancun experiences six to eight hurricanes and twelve to sixteen tropical storms during this time. Although the area is not directly hit by hurricanes, it is often the recipient of rain from tropical storms. Therefore, November is the best month to go to Cancun if you wish to avoid high hotel rates.